Help with ATM Locator

The ATM Locator helps you find ATM locations in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Enter one or more elements in the "Search by" fields to return a map and/or list displaying up to 50 of the closest locations matching your criteria

Step 1. Provide the center point from which to conduct a search by entering in an address or intersection along with city and province information. Alternatively, you may enter a postal code or latitude/longitude from your GPS.

Step 2. Press "Enter" on your keyboard to begin the search.

Q. Are there limits to how much I can deposit or how many times I can deposit each day?
A. You can deposit up to $1,000 USD in cash per transaction, with a maximum of $5,000 USD over the course of 30 days. There’s no limit to the number of cash deposits you can make each day.

Q. If I make a deposit at an ATM, when will be funds be available?
A. Funds will normally be made available no later than the fifth business day after the day of your deposit. However, longer holds may be placed for other reasons as described in the “Longer Delays May Apply” and “Special Rules for New Accounts” section of the Funds Availability Policy located in your Service Agreement. If your deposited funds are subject to a hold beyond the fifth business day, you will receive a separate notification which will inform you when your funds will be made available. Please see the Funds Availability Policy located within your Service Agreement for Personal Accounts for additional details regarding our funds availability practices.

Q. What should I do if I accidentally enter the wrong amount while making an ATM deposit?
A. When your ATM deposit is processed, the receiving bank will verify and adjust the deposit amount as required. There is no action required on your part.

Q. What happens if I try to deposit into an ATM that does not take deposits?
A. ATMs that don't accept deposits will not present a "deposit" option on screen and do not have an opening for receiving the deposit.

Q. Can I deposit checks drawn on Canadian banks or Canadian currency?
A. No. Only checks drawn on U.S. banks or U.S. currency can be deposited via ATM in the U.S. .

Q. Why must I endorse (sign) any checks before making an ATM deposit?
A. When you endorse a check, you are legally authorizing us to collect the funds from the person or entity that wrote it and complete the deposit to your account. You can endorse a check by simply signing your name or writing "For Deposit Only" along with your RBC Bank account number in the designated area on the back. Remember, only U.S. checks drawn on U.S. financial institutions can be deposited into U.S. ATMs.

Q. There are no ATMs that accept deposits in my area. What can I do?
A. If you want to deposit a U.S. check, your best option is U.S. Remote Deposit, where you can use your mobile device or personal computer with desktop scanner and high-speed internet connection to create images of checks and transmit them for deposit to your account. Learn about all the ways to make deposits

Q. What happens if I make withdrawals using machines other than those on the ATM locator?
A. While RBC Bank will not charge you for any ATM transactions, we can't control the fees that banks who own the ATMs may charge. Upon request, we will refund other banks’ fees up to 4 ATM transactions per cycle for RBC Bank Premium Checking and Preferred Checking account holders, and 2 per cycle for RBC Bank Direct Checking and Royal Embassy account holders.

Q. How do I get a refund for ATM fees other banks may charge?
A. You can request an ATM fee refund by sending us a secure message via RBC Bank Online Banking.

Q. Can I print the map showing the ATM locations that is displayed on my computer screen?
A. Yes, use the standard functions built into your internet browser to print the map. Make sure the map is completely loaded before printing.

Still having trouble? Try ...
  • Checking the address for spelling.
  • Using the specific street address rather than the nearest intersection or vice versa.
  • Including "North", "South", "East", or "West" with the address, if appropriate.
  • Spelling out any street abbreviations.
  • Omitting the building number from the street address (e.g. "West Long Avenue" instead of "555 West Long Avenue") to generate a list of candidates from which to choose. Or try entering the closest intersection.
  • Entering a neighbouring community if you are unable to locate a smaller town or village.

Access to over 43,000 Allpoint ATMs

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1. There is no fee associated with accessing these ATMs but standard account charges and transaction limitations will apply. If you access ATMs other than those identified in our ATM locator ( fees may apply. During the process, you will be notified of the fee and will be required to accept the fee if you desire to complete the transaction. For fee information, refer to the Personal Schedule of Fees for details.

2. U.S. ATMs accept U.S. cash deposits and U.S. checks drawn on U.S. financial institutions only. Alternatively, you can deposit a U.S. check using Remote Deposit (Watch Video). ATMs that accept deposits may not be part of our network for no-fee withdrawals.